Monday, March 19, 2012

The opposite of FEAR is not COURAGE. It is LOVE.

"The opposite of FEAR is not COURAGE. It is LOVE. More than
this, it is the condition of being in love with all of life, at all times. 
Many claim even if it was possible to reclaim that childlike state, one 
could not possibly sustain it. After all, they argue, in the "real world" 
we are imperfect creatures and anyhow the argument goes, you cannot 
live in such a state of innocence. The world would take advantage.

WE insist that Living Life THIS way only serves to tap into greater
resources than you EVER dreamed possible! At best, a life of Fear and 
Reservation leads to a numbing, over self-protective, barely lived existence. 
At worst it yields the unbearable agony of separation from Self and all else."
All OUR Love,
Adrianna Hill

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The Hive Publications, ONE Legacy Works, Inc

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