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The Art of Touch -What are You Feeling ???

The Art of Touch -What are You Feeling ???

The Art of Bonding is of utmost importance to You-Yourself and Your Partner. You have to be able to connect on a Soul level, get inside the essence of Self and Partner - Feel what they are Feeling, Thinking, Sense their inner most desires, places, that are craving to be inspired, nurtured and caressed. 

Touch is so important, We as a society have lost the Art of Bonding- physical sensations, nurturing. The Impact of Touch is so important that we humans fail to thrive without it. Studies have shown that when an infant is put in an incubator and only feed that, that  infant will thrive less than the infant that is also touched and loved while in the incubator.

We all CRAVE to be Held, Hugged, Loved, it is a natural human instinct.  Our skin is full of receptors that fed our brain and it then sends HAPPY endorphins into our blood stream. Endorphins are hormones that gets released in your brain and nervous system and it mimics the feeling of opiates, hence the natural high and beautiful sensations you are feeling and experiencing when in this heightened State of Awareness.

When you are being massaged, your entire body is in an state of gratitude for the Love it is receiving.  When you Hug someone a Bond is being formed, an energetic cord is being plugged into you and the other person and Energy is Flowing - Beaming between the two of you, and if you truly get quiet and breathe you can feel the pulse and the warmth of this field of energy.

A great way to reconnect to what is true Love without any expectations is to hold a baby and just breathe with the baby, you will feel this amazing sense of calm, pure love and warmth beaming into you.  There is nothing like holding a new born baby, I could hold one for hours and I have; they are so beautiful, mysterious, trusting, giving and they are trusting US to Love, Nurture, and care for them- what a GIFT…  Now, that is what bonding and touch is all about.  See if you can reconnect with that time when you held your children when they were babies ?  If you don’t have a child, hold one of your friend’s babies, I am sure they won’t mind, they could probably use the break.

Questions to ask yourself:
*Do you like to be touched ?
*Do you like to cuddle ?
*Have you ever had a massage ?
*Have you ever given a massage ?
*Do you like to be Hugged ?
*How often do you give Hugs out to others ?
*When you Hug do you make complete contact with the other person or is you butt and heart center away from the person a phrase loving called the "A frame hug" ?

*Do you hold hands with your partner ?
*Are you open to Public displays of  affection- Hugs, Holding Hands ?
*Do you like to Kiss ?
*Do you like to be kissed ?
*When holding an item do you take the time to explore the texture of the item ?
*Do you like the texture of soft things ?
*Do you like the texture of rough things ?
*When was the last time you took a Hot bath ?
*When was the last time you went in a Hot tub ?
*When was the last time you went in the Ocean ?
*When was the last time you held a baby ?

*Hug your partner, fully be present, with your heart center touching the other person’s heart, and breathe in your nose and out through your nose.  Continue to breathe in this way and stay in hug mode for a complete 30 seconds (time it). Allow your partner then to do the same to you.

*Create a special time and environment and Massage your Partner.
Another day have partner massage you. 

*Blind fold each other and take turns giving each other items and then have them guess as to what it is.

After exercises discuss with each other, how you felt about being 
Hugged for that long, where they completely Present ? Uncomfortable ? 

The Massage were they completely relaxed and able to let go.  
How was the massage ? 

Was there anything different You would want to have done during the massage- too soft, too hard ? 

Was it is easy or hard figuring out what you were holding in your hand ?  

Did you really take the time to tune in, did you get frustrated, 
give up, tune out ?

The Art of Touch is a book in of itself so I will leave you with the above for now... And this is an abbreviated article from a course I teach on "The Art of the Multi-Sensory Journey" and part of a book - handbook - DVD- and Audio I am in the middle of writing and working on.

The other Articles are: 
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If you want to be put on the list for taking the course, please email contact info to: tlccoaching@gmail.com and indicate in subject heading: Want to know more about "The Art of the Multi-Sensory Journey"

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