Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Boundless Majestic Mountains and Gratitude

When You Look at This Picture, What do You See ???

When You Look at those Mountains, What to You Feel ???

When I wake up and See those Boundless Majestic Mountains, I am Immediately 
Immersed in the Energetic Liquid Field of Pure Potential, Awe and Gratitude. 

Life is an Amazing Oasis of Energetic Muse in Which we were born from a 
Cocoon... Life then gives us the Choice to be with and become One 
with Creative Conscious Co-Creation™ to Learn, Play, and Grow™ 
from which Manifests Everything Within us and Around Us... 
The Life we have created for ourselves... The Journey from Cocoon to Flight™ 
is beyond Comprehension and Everyday, 
I am just Deeply Thankful and Grateful to be within it....

©Cocoon To Flight Publishing
The Muses of ©Carly Alyssa Thorne

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