Thursday, April 5, 2012

The CHI Machine- The Benefits of... Increased Energy and Oxygen and More...

My Daily Boost of Energy and Oxygenation....

I use my Chi Machine Every Morning, First thing for 30 minutes
and Every Night Right before I go to bed... 

While on my Chi Machine in the Morning I am doing my Meditation 
for Creating my New Day and at Night I am doing my Nightly Gratitude
Meditation for the day I have had... 

I can totally feel the difference in my Body when I am traveling
and don't use the Chi Machine...

I am ONLY sharing my Experience of using the machine...
and Ultimately it is YOUR experience that matters...

If you Feel Called to Experience the Ride, Please go to
And Tell Mara, that Carly Alyssa Thorne Sent YOU...

Thank You for being a Part of the world's Co-Creation, Team work is what makes the Dreams Work... 
Enjoy the Journey... Carly

Chi Machine by
Sun Ancon
The Original
New Model # SDM888

The Doctors TV
Click Logo to Watch "The Doctors" 09/04/09
Increase your Oxygen, Energy,
and Circulation!

Same amazing benefits!
The New Model Offers a slightly smoother and quieter 
movement,a stronger base to accomodate people of all sizes, 
and upgraded materials for durability during shipping and transportation...

It's amazing! People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from 
the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. It's a whole body massager 
and passive aerobic exerciser that offers a unique therapeutic 
massage therapy experience plus many more benefits! 

The Sun Ancon Sun Harmony Chi Machine maximizes the 
movement of the body without any undue stress. This helps to 
provide prompt temporary relief from minor muscle aches, pains, 
and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. The relaxing goldfish, 
figure 8 movement of the Chi Machines causes your bronchioles to 
open up allowing you to take in more oxygen. It is wonderful for 
individuals who through age or physical limitations cannot exercise. 
It promotes lymphatic drainage, maximum oxygenation and better 

It is a FDA Regulated Class 1 Medical Device! 
Specials - New Model Chi Machine $449.00 
plus receive a box of Total Health Formula! 
Mix and Match Price is still $399.00!

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