Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Choose Love, What do You Choose ???

Everyday in life we have choices...  
Example: We can be driving and somebody cuts us off, and in that very moment we can choose to get pissed off and let it ruin our day or let it go and move on with our day.   

I finally got clear that when I am driving I like to either listen to audio books where I am engaged in listening and learning something or to listen to music that I Love and I just start singing my heart out...  That way no matter what happens when I am driving, I already am in a good state of happiness and can shift right back into that space if something unpleasant does happen when I am driving...  

At the end of the day, Life is Precious and can be gone in a blink of a second... I used to work at World Trade Center Tower 2 and missed the planes by ONE hour, because a client of mine cancelled our appointment the night before. Normally, I still would have gone in early except that one day I decided oh heck, why not sleep in an extra 30 minutes...  I used to commute from the NJ side to the NY side 4 days a week for work so that extra sleep was something that was much appreciated as those 4 days were 12 hour days.  

In my opinion life is too short to get pissed off at things you sometimes don't have control over.  I attempt to live my Life from a space of Heart centered Compassion and LOVE as much as possible...  

What do YOU Choose ??? 

Thank You ALL for being a Part of the World's Co-Creation, 
Team work is what makes the Dreams Work... 
Enjoy the Journey... 
The Muses of Carly Alyssa Thorne


  1. Carly, you are so right... life is too short to live it being angry or worrying over things we can't control. We often forget this when we get caught up in day to day tasks. Thanks for the reminder! I choose happiness too! :)

    1. Thanks Soo much for sharing... and I agree... I CHOOSE Happiness too... : )))

  2. Totally agree with you Carly!

    1. Thanks for sharing Tereza... and I am glad you agree...

  3. Wow, I am so glad that you were protected on 9/11, the world still needs you!

    1. Aw... Thanks Sally... You are GREAT... and the WORLD needs YOU too...


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