Saturday, June 2, 2012

Authenticity and Flexibility and Communication

Authenticity and Flexibility and Communication

I did a fun Podcast interview today My good friend Raphael Love 
and we talked about
Choices, Paths, Flexibility and Authenticity.

What Path are You on ??? 
In life it always comes down to choices...
What are You choosing to have in Your life ??? 
What people, places, things are You creating in Your life and how are they showing up for You ???

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to staying on Your path is being willing to be Authentic and Flexible. How often are You wearing a mask when You are in Public ???

Think of this... How do you expect people to be authentic with You, if You aren't the REAL You in any given situation. You have to be willing to truly be You at all times, it doesn't matter if You are on Stage giving a presentation or at home with Your loved one...

In life, You will find if You are Authentically You, Strong and grounded and are willing to go with the flow, remain open minded and not fixed minded, and don't take things personally,You would have a lot less stress... And... things would be manifesting in a much bigger and quicker way...
How often are You willing to ebb and flow with situations, instead of having a fixed point of View ???

Think of this.. A tree has a STRONG trunk yet when storms blow their branches-limbs go with the flow of the wind, if they didn't, we wouldn't have any trees because every time we had a storm the trees would snap and fall over...

People are not mind readers, You have to be willing to communicate anything and everything, if You don't share Your ideas, thoughts, feelings You will find that the whole creative process gets shut down and clogged up. In not expressing what You are feeling You are feeding a silent volcano that will eventually erupt.

Realize You aren't going to be able to Please everybody and the sooner You stop attempting to do so and remain Your authentic self, and Learn to embrace the terms Let's Do it, Delegate it or Delete it, your life will be filled of unnecessary drama that is a lot of wasted energy...

Get real with Yourself and others... Be willing to put Yourself out there... Stretch Yourself... Explore putting on a new habit, idea, inspiration and see how it feels... Open Your mind to new possibilites... Dream... Write... Become... Do...

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  1. Once we learn that we are not on this planet to please other people, life becomes so much easier. Look inward, find what makes you sing, and give it to the world!

    1. Yes it does Martha... Thanks for sharing

  2. Nice one Carly,

    I especially love "A tree has a STRONG trunk yet when storms blow their branches-limbs go with the flow of the wind".

    It's so easy to become rigid and only view things from you line of sight. But, flowing with the wind doesn't knock you off your path, it makes your journey smoother and intriguing!

    1. Thanks for sharing and Yes, I LOVE the analogy of the Tree, it always has spoken to me... : )))

  3. Communication is so important and is the base of all success in this life. When we learn to really listen and to understand, we can accomplish so much more and have so much more peace.

    1. Yes indeed... Thanks for sharing Marie... : )))

  4. Great post Carly, I really enjoyed this one.


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