Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stepping beyond the comfort zone...

Most people do  not realize that when we aren't willing to do new things,
eat new things, Learn new things they are actually missing out on some many opportunities of all kinds in all ways.

It is thru the process of Learning, Playing and Growing that new windows, doors-people and opportunities arise.

Eating that new thing activates new senses, feelings, thoughts which then lead to discovering something new within yourself. You like or dislike what you just ate etc...

Everything we do, read activates new information within our beings.
That new information is a gateway to grow embrace or to shrink and be in fear.

Be willing to explore new ideas, points of views...
Be willing to do something you have never done before...
Be willing to do stretch yourself...
Read new things...
Meet new people...

It is this new states of awareness and stretch that usually
the most incredible opportunities arise and happen.

Enjoy the Journey

Another Midnight Production - The Muses of ©Carly Alyssa Thorne
Copyright © Carly Alyssa Thorne  


  1. This is definitely something I need to take to heart. My palate is definitely more adventurous than the rest of me, and I need to stretch myself to reach my full potential.

  2. Couldn't agree more Carly .... well said!

  3. Thanks Terree, Kate and Michelle, and New Adventures are a Great way to expand Yourself on all levels of self... Enjoy your weekend... Carly

  4. Hi Carly

    This is a grate

    I've been doing new
    things and getting out
    of my confront zone.



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