Friday, February 1, 2013

What are You Waiting For ?

Too many Times people let everyday Life be the excuse to NOT do something.
-I don't feel well
-I am tired, I didn't get enough sleep
-My children take up too much of my time.
-I will start after the Holidays
-I will start when I turn 35
-I will do it after my kids go off to college
-After I lose a few more pounds, then I will join the gym
-I will do it after this or that finalizes 
-I will do it after I put aside this amount of $
-Etc... etc... etc...

There will NEVER be the perfect Moment... Life ebbs and flows each and every day, till the day You die...  And...  Here is the BIG ONE...
You have to be Willing and Choosing the CHANGE...
That is Usually what is creating all of the Stall tactics in Your Mind and Body
listed above.  Your bodies are meant to protect us, and change can appear to Your body as a perceived threat.

People Fear Change, get too comfortable, and unfortunately for some it takes a Huge EVENT - like an illness, divorce, even a car crash - for them to have their AHA moment...

Life goes by so Quickly... Seize the Opportunity to Step into Your Greatness...  Step beyond your Comfort Zone...  There are Opportunities all around You, all You have to do is DECIDE to want to DO it and from there create a Supportive Team around You who believes in You... and then Take Action...

Never stop Learning, Playing and Growing...

Another Midnight Production
2013©Carly Alyssa Thorne
Enjoy the Journey