Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be LOVE... ~ ♥ ~

Do You Procrastinate ???

Are You Expecting that thru Osmosis Things are Just going to Happen ???
Are You Afraid of Change ???

Are You Afraid to go Within ???

ONLY YOU... Have the POWER to Change YOU Within...

Be Willing to Dig Deep, Be Willing to Confront Your Inner Demons...
Be Daring...
Be Bold...
Be Brave...

and CHOOSE to Become the Most

Empowering, Passionate, Compassionate LEADER,
so that YOU can then make an Positive Impact on 

Self and Most Importantly The WORLD-Others...

As we are ALL ONE, when YOU Commence to SHIFT, 
So Does the WORLD... ~ ♥ ~  Go TEAM !!!
As In the END it is all About Co-Creation...

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Yes You Can... If I Could and Have Done it... So Can YOU...

1986 Jack LaLanne's

1998 2x months before Husband's Suicide

YES YOU CAN... IF I COULD DO IT, SO CAN YOU !!! To be BRUTALLY Honest... I Started Lifting Weights and working out at an Jack LaLanne's Fitness Center in Yonkers N.Y. in 1985 and all of my life I had been struggling with Anorexia and Bulimia from all of the Abuse I had sustained growing up... So I would get REALLY thin and then start to have flashbacks and then get REALLY BIG... And I didn't have the SUPPORT of anyone telling me You Can Do it, Lose the Weight, Overcome this etc... I had around me people who didn't believe me, blamed me etc... Well in 1998 I hit rock bottom right before and after my Husband committed Suicide. Everyone choose to blame me for his Suicide even though I had talked to his folks and others about him needing help etc... I am not going to get into graphic details as that will be in my autobiography that is currently in the Process.... 

In any event my point is that PICTURE you see of ME who doesn't even resemble an inkling of me was where I was at and I picked myself up by my bootstraps and the very next day I said Screw Everyone, I am done... I CHOOSE LIFE... and Started walking 1 hr a day and starting working out again and within 6 months without a Personal Trainer or Doctor, or Nutritionist I look like I do today... Now Mind you I had been studying Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition since 1982 So I knew what I had to do... AND... I am NOT ENDORSING anyone do it by themselves if anything the OPPOSITE I support the DREAM TEAM MAKES THE TEAM WORK... 

My POINT is I DID IT... no Matter what was going on around me... And YES, I am HUMAN... Since then I got a little heavy one more time as I got very SICK... and then AGAIN, I Said screw this, I AM NOT SICK, NO MORE... and here I am again. Obviously there is A lot more to the story than that... Again will be in my Book... 

Now OUT OF MY OWN INTEGRITY and CODE whenever I was in a bad place Mentally, Physically or Spiritually I NEVER Coached anyone as I knew I needed to be able to WALK MY TALK before diving back into business mode...

So DON'T EVER Think YOU CANNOT do SOMETHING because YES YOU CAN... And Nobody can make your Drink from that Well... ONLY YOU !!! You have to be Sooo tired of the Old way that ONLY Choosing LIFE, YOUR LIFE and the Willingness to CHANGE Within will bring you out of the depths of despair...

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Now Carly The Warrior,
I Choose LIFE... How about YOU ???

Are you Living The Four Agreements ???

Yes, Yes, and Yes... to all of the 4 Agreements... by Don Miguel Ruiz... 
Thank You for your words of Wisdom...

1-Be Impeccable with your Word-

Where do you find yourselves not Walking your Talk ??? 

How do you expect anyone to Believe in You if you Say one thing and do another...

2-Don't take anything Personally-

How many times do you let someone else take you out of the game of LIFE, YOUR LIFE ???

People are only saying and doing things that in the end are about what they are going through...

It is their issue, not yours and YOU Have the Choice in how you react to it... 

3-Don't Make Assumptions-

How many times do you assume someone is doing something or saying something before you find out the facts ??? 

Usually when this happens we are coming from a Place of fear and  defensiveness, our inner child issues are being triggered. Let go of that fear and make the Choice to ASK... Find out the facts before placing judgement and assuming... 

4- Always do your Best-

How many times do you just Give up, Sleep in, get frustrated, and stop doing something ???

This is NOT the way to Actualize your DREAMS, GOALS, LIFE... 

Get out there and COMMIT to being at 100% at all times, nobody else is going to do it for you...

To YOUR SUCCESS... Team work makes the DREAM work and you have Friends all around YOU that BELIEVE in YOU, are you AWAKE Enough to See that and ASK for help if you need it... A Hand up is always welcome a Hand out will not serve YOU... 

So don't be afraid to ASK... BUILD YOUR TEAM !!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Art of Seeing, What are you Seeing ?

The Art of Vision, What are you Seeing ?

Foresight and Now Presence is Critical to being able to see clearly all of your surroundings, options, outcomes as is being able to see and find beauty in any and all given situations.  As you get more in tune with self, your surroundings and your partner, you will start to develop a keen sense of sight.  This skill if nourished and developed will serve immensely in business, personal and all relationships. When entering any room take the time to scan it, the entire room, look at EVERYTHING and take everything in, make this a habit.  Being able to retain information on what you saw can be a crucial piece of information needed to seal a relationship or business deal, you never know.

People love it when you comment on something they were wearing at a party you saw them at, it shows them you remembered them and were paying enough attention to remember that detail about them.  When meeting someone that you like or at a networking event or business venue practice this skill, take the time to truly SEE them, soak in their details, make it a fun exercise. Test yourself a day later and see what you remembered, some even take notes about the People they find of interest, especially nowadays with the invention of  the new intuitive Smart phones, it is easy to enter a note about that person in your contact info, a great business tool.

Sight is crucial to being a detailed oriented person and being a Master at Creating.  Sight  also comes into play with organization, you can’t live this life without having superior organizational skills as you are juggling and wearing multiple hats at once. Learn how to manage your time and organize everything in your life, it will make your Journey much easier and you won't be wasting yours and others valuable precious time looking for things.

Questions to ask yourself:
*Do you have good vision ?
*Are you a visionary ?
*Do you dream in color ?
*Do you remember details ?
*Are you detailed oriented person ?
*Are you organized ?
*When you are looking at something are you truly looking at it or immediately in the place of judging it ?

*When you look at yourself in the Mirror do you truly LOOK at yourself ?
*Are you a person that avoid’s eye contact ?
*When you look at others are you taking the time to make eye contact ?
*Can you stare into someone’s eyes for at least 30 seconds ?
*Does having someone look at you make you feel uncomfortable ?
*Can you be fully vulnerable and present before another ?

EXERCISES Take turns:

*Give your partner an object at that means something to you and have them tell you what they see. Take turns go through this 3x.

How detailed were they ? 
Were the details linear, visual, feeling oriented, in depth or did they just rush through it ? 
Did they go blank ?
What was the primary Sensory wording used to describe the object ?

*Show your Partner a picture, have them Look at the picture for 1 minute - TIME THIS; and then turn the picture over.  Take turns go through this 3X.

Then have partner describe as in much detail as possible what they saw.  How much did they remember ?  
Was it hard for them to remember ?  
Did they go to a place of panic and freeze, go blank ? 
Was the description Experiential ?
Did the description paint a picture ?
What was the primary Sensory wording used to describe the picture ?

The Art of Seeing is a book in of itself so I will leave you with the above for now... And this is an abbreviated article from a course I teach on "The Art of the Multi-Sensory Journey" and part of a book - handbook - DVD- and Audio I am in the middle of writing and working on.

The other Articles are: 
"The Art of Listening, What are You Hearing ?"
"The Art of Touch, What are You Feeling ?"
"The Art of Communication, What are you Saying ?"

If you want to be put on the list for taking the course, please email contact info to: and indicate in subject heading: Want to know more about "The Art of the Multi-Sensory Journey"

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