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Conscious Death and Dying- All of Life is a Spiral and has a beginning and an end..

 Infinity Staircase -'Umschreibung' by Olafur Eliasson

This Picture above to me symbolizes the circle of LIFE, the never ending
cycle of Live and Death... We begin with our very first breath-step, and our journeys continue from there... 

My thoughts after Listening to a PodCast I did with my amazing Friend...
Doctor Love... click on Link below to find out more about Raphael Love

For some of Doctah Love's Podcasts click on link below

Our Topic for the day was "DEATH" as my 100 year old grandmother had just passed away on June 8, 2012. The below video was created by one of her sons, my Uncle.


Anyways, So I wrote this on my Facebook wall on June 9, 2012
"My 100 Year old Grandma died last night... Lots of Love and Light on her journey beyond and reunion with Grandpa... She lived a very full LIFE... Played the Piano, and was a Opera Singer and Model when she was younger... and had 5 beautiful children... I am happy You are finally at Peace...  Go Explore Your new life..."

LET ME PRE- FRAME THIS with I am NOT going to get into RELIGION, 
and whether there is reincarnation or not etc... nor do I CLAIM TO KNOW what happens once we die... I am NOT a Licensed Psychologist or Doctor... 
I do have had over 25 years experience and certifications in both the Western and Eastern fields of Metaphysics and Medicine and this is just my PERSONAL Views.  So with that, please Enjoy the Journey...

I was TRULY amazed by some of the comments that were posted on my Facebook wall so it made me truly want to do a Podcast on the subject of Death... Here are some of the things I brought up in the Podcast and some of what came up for me after listening to the Podcast etc.... 

Most of the comments on my Facebook wall were the typical:
"Sorry for your loss!!" 
"My condolences to you and your family"
"my deepest sympathies Carly to you and your family"

A FEW Actually GOT IT and wrote:
"What a wonderful tribute to her, Carly. :)"
"I love your attitude toward her transition. I suspect she can now assist you in your journey without the limitation of a physical body. Love and light to you and your family."

So here are SOME OF my thoughts:
Since as Long as I can remember I have always viewed DEATH differently-
Maybe it is because I was a very sick child, teen and even into my earlier 30's.  

Maybe it is because I have had over 26 surgeries.
Maybe it is because I have almost died 3x.
Maybe it is because i worked for Hospice, in Nursing homes, ICU, and CCU for years, years ago. Maybe it is because some of the things I experienced, heard, and saw personally when I almost died and with working with terminally ill children and adults.

Let's begin with that MANY do not like to talk about DEATH, so much so, that a lot of times people have neglected do take care of things like a living will or a will and their arrangements so when they do pass away a lot of chaos and overwhelm is left for those behind.

I have heard people actually say:
-I don't want to discuss your Will because YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE...
-I don't want to discuss your Will because I don't want anything from you... 
etc...etc.... Granted I can understand not wanting someone you love to die, and not wanting something from their will... AND... WE must take accountability and responsibility and if we REALLY LOVE our LOVED ONES why would we want them to have to deal with all the aftermath and chaos that gets created when nothing is taken care of...

Some FACTS and IDEAS I have Chosen to live by:
-It is a FACT we are all going to pass on at some point and time so to me to FEAR death is a crazy concept.  Therefore I say Live Fearless, live each day as though it is a miracle. Challenge yourself, live FULL out 100% +++. learn and experience as much as you can.

My daily Motto: is to continually be creating from the space of Learning, Playing, and Growing each and everyday....

-We treat dying animals sometimes more humanely than humans.
Example: Living Wills why can't we HONOR others requests ???

I used to work for Hospice years ago and I have on many occasions heard and even seen families FIGHTING over their Loved ones, they say they LOVE...  If someone has a LIVING WILL and says PLEASE I do NOT want to be kept alive via machines etc if I have NO Quality of life left... Who are we to then once somebody has had a massive stroke or are in a coma etc to judge or challenge that person's wishes ???

We need to move beyond OUR needs and feelings and truly look at the circumstances the person is in and what quality of life they would have, if they even did recover.

We have to be willing to let people, places and things Go... We don't own them, they are people, and experiences...  It is selfish to want to keep someone alive for our own needs and or fear of the unknown.

When we see our animals old, and clearly in pain, we take them to our vet  or have the vet come to us and we let our animals die in peace.  At least this is what I have done in the past.  We must honor the feelings and needs of the our elderly, ill or dying.

The Where:
Imagine if you will creating a space that You would want to pass away in:
Personally when that time comes, I want to be in my OWN BED in my OWN HOME surrounded by Beautiful Flowers, Music playing in the background 247, Beautiful artwork and color all around with Amazing, Awesome friends and loved ones...

And from a financial stand point and as far as I am concerned it is 100% +++ more peaceful and Loving to let someone die in their own Home and bed... You HIRE who YOU want to be around, and You surround yourself and your loved one with all the multi-sensory beauty you can...  Studies have shown they are in less pain and transition quicker and more peacefully...

Our medical insurance companies and our medical system is a topic that I WON'T get into...  That could take months of blogging... LOL...

-Obituaries, Funeral Homes, Cemeteries WHY ???
I look at LIFE as a CELEBRATION...
I look at DEATH as a CELEBRATION...

Thus I PERSONALLY feel obituaries, Funeral Homes, and Cemeteries do NOT FIT in with the VIBE of CELEBRATION... Our culture has made these things to be one of LOSS, Sadness, and not a PRETTY Multi-Sensory Visual or feel as far as I am concerned.

Funeral Homes: WHY NOT have a PARTY a CELEBRATION:
Create a LIVING CELEBRATORY VIDEO of the person, showing the person laughing, hugging, singing, dancing, family etc...  Have the Party at the PERSON'S home, where their Love and Energy still is, in some way... if YOU believe we are all Energy, Vibration, Particules, if you will...  not a Funeral parlor.

Cemeteries: WHY the need for a Cemetery to HONOR or visit someone ???
What happens when you have to MOVE and are no longer in the same city or town where the cemetery is ??? You don't need a Church to Pray, no more than you need a cemetery to talk or visit with your passed Loved ones...just talk, sing, dance, even write from YOUR HEART an any given moment day or night, and I believe that our passed loved ones can feel, hear, and see us...

Obituaries: Personally I don't feel the need for a piece to be in the paper about HOW I died, WHO I was, WHERE I lived, and WHAT Family has survived my death...  First of all, I think it is a Personal thing... Secondly, I personally don't need the world  to know... The people I would want to know, that cared and Loved me would know because they where in the need to know for whatever reason.

To me it is the same as when WE GIVE- we should be Giving from a Place of just choosing to give without any expectations of a return, just because.... I love the show where people go into the streets and help and then write a check for a million dollars to someone just because, they didn't have a need for people to know who they were in the process... I love hearing about stories of anonymous donors and givers...


So these are Just a FEW OF THE KEY POINTS that have stood out for me when listening to the PODCAST... Please Share YOUR THOUGHTS and IDEAS on Death and Dying.... It is TIME we SHARED AND SPOKE instead of FEARING something that we all have experienced on some level with loved ones passing and eventually will happen to us...

Thank You ALL for being a Part of the World's Co-Creation, 
Team work is what makes the Dreams Work... 
Enjoy the Journey... 
The Muses of
Carly Alyssa Thorne


  1. Wow, you have so much in this post, Carly. I appreciate that you shared so much about Life, Death, your family, your grandmother, and your personal experiences!

    1. Thanks Sally, I am Passionate about people not fearing Death and Embracing LIFE...

  2. One word sums this post up...Powerful, thanks Carly for the inspirational post this week!

    1. Thanks... it is a Passionate subject of mine...

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss Carly and will keep you and your families in my thoughts and prayers. Your post is very touching and has made me think differently about a few things..Thanks so much for sharing!<3

    1. Ada, No need to be sorry... Tis Life, and I am grateful she finally got to go home wherever that is... It was time... and I am glad the post made you think about things differently...

  4. i agree with almost everything you said.
    funerals should be celebrations of that person's life and gifts.

    have you read the Tibetan book of the dying by Sogyal Rinpoche?

    1. Thanks for sharing and would LOVE to hear about the parts You don't agree with... You can email me at
      I have actually been meaning to read the book and almost have numerous times and then life got in the way... I will have to make a point of it now...

  5. What a lovely post. I agree with so much of your post. Death is only a transition from one state to the next. I believe we fear it only because it isn't yet known to us, but from what I have learned it is one of enlightenment to enhance whatever life we chose here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank YOU Marie for sharing your thoughts... Have a beautiful Tuesday..

  6. Hi Carly,

    Thank you for this post,some subjects are difficult to put into words or even discuss.

    Be Blessed,


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