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Do You Drink Enough Water ?

Let's get into:
*How Much Water do we need ?
*How we can make plain drinking water more fun to drink and flavorful naturally.
*Water's Effect on the Body...
*Water is the Ideal Water Bottle ?
*The Differences between different types of water-
drinking water, distilled water, spring water,  purified water 

I will be using Some of my examples and experience of Years of studying water, Health, containers, working with Promo Companies who make the water containers etc... as well as a few other sources noted- I am Not ENDORSING
any one person and or product.  Use Your OWN Judgement, these
are just my Personal Opinions.

*How Much Water do we need ?  Here is a great chart by

*How we can make plain drinking water more fun to drink and flavorful naturally without adding added sugar.
-Fresh Squeezed Lemon
-Organic High Food Grade Edible oils 
A drop of either Lemon, Orange, Lime etc... 
-Organic Naturally Flavored Stevia

-PLEASE make sure to drink your Water out of lead free Glass, Stainless Steel, or High Grade BPA Free Containers.  

-PLEASE make sure you are drink ware is CLEAN.

*Water's Effect on the Body...

Here is an Image I Created to show you the different types of Water bottles, ease of Clean, Functionality etc...  Again just my personal opinion from Years of studying water, containers, working with Promo Companies that make the water bottles etc...

*What is the Ideal Water Bottle ?

Let me also say when I was addressing cleaning I was also talking about the Actual Drinking mouth piece... Very Hard to keep a Straw Bacteria free and it is also NOT good for your Teeth. 

I personally don't like to Put my bottles in the dishwasher for Various Reasons.
Here are my Reasons WHY:
-High heat, even High Grade BPA Free Bottles isn't a great idea as it starts to break down the bottle - Hence you will start to get some plastic residue in your water.
-I don't like using chemical dishwashing detergents.
-I find it hard to believe how it can really get inside a bottle and get all of the
residual cleaner agent out, even if I am using an all Natural Cleaner.
-Flat Dishes, Silverware, Bowls I think are a bit different in a dishwasher.
-I personally have one or two bottles hand wash them and replace them every couple of months.

*The Differences between different types of water-
drinking water, distilled water, spring water,  purified water 

Drinking Water: Water that is safe for Human consumption and comes from a municipal Source.  Hopefully YOURS Does NOT have Fluoride in it.

Distilled Water: Water gone thru a filtration process stripping it of
Contaminants and unfortunately, all natural minerals as well.
This water is great for any small appliances like your Coffee Makers, irons etc
keeps the mineral build up out of them.

Purified Water: Water that has undergone any process to remove chemicals and or contaminants.  Carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis, etc...
Unfortunately this process can also remove natural minerals.

Spring Water: Water from an underground source and might have been
put thru a system of purification. Unfortunately our Natural Water sources aren't as clean as they used to be.

For some more Government info you can click on the link below.
LINK to the Government Water EPA - Water Health Series
I hope this article has been helpful...

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  1. Great information! I should finally start drinking more water!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of water! I will do my best to drink more. Thanks for the info.


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