Thursday, January 24, 2013

Conscious Business Collaboration MasterMind

Conscious Business Collaboration MasterMind: 
This Will be a 3 Month MasterMind with NO More than 12 People.

What is a MasterMind in my Personal Opinion and past experience from running numerous MasterMinds and Being in Numerous MasterMinds:

A Group of People that are:
*Invested in each others outcomes and intentions
*Diversity in Expertise
*Open to all feedback and willing to Give feedback
*Willing to be Honest 
*Willing to Contribute
*Collaborators, Givers, Go-Getters
*Action Takers
*Big Dreamers
*Willing to do what it takes
*Give massive Value to Others
 *Wanting to Learn, Play and Grow Each and Every Day of their Life...
*Willing to Invest and Self and Others 
And... Much More...

What Will We Discuss and Learn:
-Conscious Business Collaboration
-Compassionate Passionate Communications
-Social Media and Online Reputation Management
-How to Tap into Your Multi-Sensory and Use that to Expand Your Awareness
-The Art of of Love, Peace, and Gratitude
-Being a Go-Giver and a Go-Getter
-What is Artistry in Motion ?
-Time and Organizational Management
-To Automate or Not
And Much Much More...

How this Works:
-You Email me at: with your Direct email
and Phone Number, and what Time and Days are best for you.

-I send you back and intake form to help me best TAILOR the MasterMind
to benefit everyone's needs.

-A commitment from YOU of 3 months to a 1 hr weekly MasterMind Call

-A commitment to One Email Weekly to Plan for the next call

-If You want an Accountability Partner that can be arranged

-Every week after everyone emails back and says what they are working on
I will tailor that call so that everyone gets the maximum feedback and or
help from everyone.

-$125 a month which is 75%  + or - Less of what I normally get for Consulting and Private Coaching for ONE Session depending on the Client as I work with all demographics and Finances.  Your Total Investment in Yourself is $400 for the whole 3 Months...

WHY am I Doing this for such a Low Price...
Because I have Lots of Time at home right now recovering and I LOVE to Mentor, Teach, Help, Empower, Inspire in any way I can...
Another Way I get to Pay it Forward...

I had Surgery Jan. 7, 2013 a Complete Knee Replacement, now... I also had a Commitment for an Interview with Pay It Forward Radio with Kathy Bacon for Jan. 17, 2013. It normally take up to 3-6 months to get an interview with Kathy however 3 months ago, she emailed me and said she had a cancellation, would I want to take the slot, and I said Yes...

Now on January 17, I was at the Knee Rehab Wing of a Hospital, so I had to get in a wheelchair and wheel myself out to the Courtyard where I would be by myself to eliminate the NOISE from all of the alarms and chatter of the Hospital. Still in Massive Pain with my Leg up, I did the HOUR interview with High Energy, Love, Compassion and More...

If You want to Know more about me:
View my BIO at this Link... Click HERE 

If You want to Listen to My Interview on Jan. 17 or any other Interviews or Podcasts

Looking Forward to the Journey
Carly Alyssa Thorne


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  1. Sounds wonderful, Carly. This is a terrific opportunity.


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