Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did I just Say That ???

On a recent post I read, the person replayed her day of a string of events including the losing of Car keys that got lost in the process of frustration. She later recognized the behavior and was actually surprised by some of it.  - The end result being that as soon as she Left go of everything (Frustration etc) the keys were quickly recovered.

So, the question is, has this every happened to You ?
Who Controls our Reactions in times of stress ?

First things first, regardless of how much self-growth you have done, NLP, Hypnosis, Behavior Recognition, Behavior Modification etc... We have ALL had those moments of OMG... Did I just say and or do that...

What basically happens during times of Distress is our bodies go to two places:
1- The unconscious - Old behaviors will come up, sometimes even very early childlike behaviors.
2- Under extreme distress - The Flight or Flee alarm goes off.
Your body is designed to do whatever it takes to protect you from the presumed or actual threat.

There is also an actual Chemical Reaction that is happening - Our Cortisol (Stress Hormone) goes up, we start to sweat, our heart starts to beat faster etc...

Example of this: 
Why do you think they ask a Pregnant woman and her partner to pre-pack a bag and keep it in the car and to actively rehearse the action steps agreed upon for when the time comes they need to get to the Hospital.

It is because they know that when the moment arrives, emotional reactions will take over the action steps they have agreed upon.

So again I ask Who is in Control of our Reactions ?

While Yes it is true under extreme situations we might have the offbeat reaction one that we never anticipated, there are steps we can take to MINIMIZE them...
Let's face it, unless you have been trained for Extreme situations and are an:
Crisis Intervention Expert, A Fire Fighter, EMT, etc... chances are you are going to have some behavior come up that you would not expect.

Here are just a few of the Steps to take even before any events happen.
-Choose to Live a Life of Compassion and Kindness.
-Pay attention to what triggers You.
-Start becoming actively involved in catching yourself when a trigger starts.
-Learn some self NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming.
-Learn some self Hypnosis techniques.

Here are just a few of the Steps we can take when under active stress:
-Step away from the situation and do something else.
-Step away from the situation and just Breathe, taking 3 Deep Breathes in and out makes a huge difference, it instantly starts to calm your nervous system down.
-Call a meeting to discuss the situation with all involved.
-If it is just You in the situation alone, do the breathing and step away.
-If You are actively involved in an intense situation and are alone, go seek the help of others.

Another Midnight Production
Enjoy the Journey
©2013 Carly Alyssa Thorne 

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