***“Carly is a caring and energetic person. She is very helpful, courageous and full of great ideas. I'm very happy to have her as a friend, promoter and confidant. I recommend her to everyone.  David Vito Gregoli 

***“Carly is an awesome person to work with! As an Audio-Visual Engineer for the events she promotes, she has everything totally organized way in advance and provides all graphics, music, slideshows and documents way in advance allowing me the proper preparation time for an outstanding event. She is an outstanding business woman!”Jeff McCoy, Owner, SeminarsUnlimited

***Worked with Carly Alyssa at Transformations Life Coaching 
“Carly is as rigorous and detail-oriented as they come--and all in the name of maintaining a high-quality customer experience by aligning in integrity with one's projected brand ideals. It is who she is to the core. And it's easy to see based on her results,” Sunni Sukumar, I.T. Manager, Christopher Howard Training 

***“Carly's organizational skills and ability to bring people together for a cause are top-notch. Most importantly, her energy is contagious and is a big source of her inner drive.”   Jason Roberts, Presentation Coordinator, Eastdil Secured 

***“Carly is a magician/powerhouse at producing high impact transformational events. Her energy and unending and her toolkit is deep.” 
David Brownstein, Owner, Hollywood Coaching 

***“I would like to introduce you to Carly and recomend her as someone who gets the job done. She is energetic and very capable of any task thrown at her. She is fair and honest. She loves to help others. Hope you get the chance to know her.”   Nancy Rielly, Owner, AgeLOC Global 

***“Carly is an extraordinary ray of light desiring to help others achieve their personal and business goals. Her attitude about preserving the environment and educating Humankind is exceptional. I'm very blessed that she has continued her efforts to join good people of like minds to solve the pressing issues that are critical to peace and harmony on this wonderful Mother Earth.”  Al Sanchez, Jr., COO, ALECTRONICS Reseach Center Intl 

***“Carly is a wonderful soul who is highly insightful and great to work with!!!” Great Results, Personable, High Integrity  Shawn Gallaway 

***“Carly is a bright, talented woman with tremendous energy and a knack for succinct analysis and attention to detail. Carly is extremely trustworthy and confidential. I can highly commend her and her skills for discriminating assignments. Best, Joe Fagundes”
Joseph Fagundes, President, Joseph Fagundes III, Attorney at Law, A Law Corp.

***“As a speaker at the first HUB weekend, I had a chance to see Carly in action. Actually, action is a good word for her. She is smart, focused and gets things done. This venue took a lot of work and her attention to detail was brilliant! Thanks, Christopher Law Duma Safaris” 
Christopher Law, Director, Duma Safaris 

***“Carly brings energy, enthusiasm and integrity to every interaction.” Suzanna Kennedy, Owner, 

***“Carly is focused on results and gets them done. With a smile and caring approach. Much appreciated!” 
Christopher Law, Director, Duma Safaris 

***In my fast paced business, the daily grind requires decisive action and commitment without hesitation. Well, to be honest my business was suffering from many things. We had poor financials, high staff turnover and a general lack of business focus and enthusiasm. Hey, the place was feeling pretty boring and not too happy.  Looking back, I am certain that this came from clutter and disorganization in the office. How do you recrognize bad energy when you work in it every day?

We brought Carly in to consult on organizing a few of the offices. She came from a personal recommendation. During the first meeting, it became clear we had a great opportunity to transcend and change everything about the feelings and attitudes in our office. WOW what energy, what vision, great plans. We all got so excited. Carly helped us to sort through months of business debris and paper. In just a few short days we were able to remove trash bins of the physical clutter. 

Can you imagine the release? Now, all our work spaces are more organized. 

Our entire staff wants to be involved. Now we are able to get focused on the key business issues.

Employing Feng Shui principals, Carly helped to create a clean office, clear minds and more productive work space. Now I sit back and enjoy the results. In the 3 months I have used Carly my business has grown, profits are better and most important, my staff has become charged and self empowered. These are wonderful dynamics, caused by her skills and forward moving approach.  Marketing Minds- Westwood, CA 

***My path to seek a more spiritual healing directed me to Carly Thorne. 
Me, I am a busy executive experiencing intense life changing situations. 

Prior to working with Carly I had bumbled aimlessly. Yes, I had issues, 
physical pain caused by an awkward exercise program, poor eating and 
other abuses. Mentally, my mind had become soft and complacent, almost docile. Recalling this saddens me. 

Enter Celestial Carly and the healing angels. She did some amazing massage, energy and healing work. Physically my body responded with huge break through just after the first session. Open the senses and the mind follows. 

More sessions and my body became much more open and my energy charged. Then, I started eating the recommended supplements and organic food. What an amazing difference. In a month I was lighter, vibrant and live with more energy. I feel healthy and great.

There is absolutely nothing ordinary about this lady. She rocks, and on 
so many levels. Prepare yourself for the whirlwind of information. I hope you can listen well; because you will get what you seek. Your first session with Carly will be mentally stimulating; you will find she has volumes of expert teachings and healings to share with you. Your appetite will be satiated.  

My experience was to be open and receive; I cannot begin to tell you the 
abundance of spiritual and healing information delivered to me from Carly. It is as if she reads your mind, with clairvoyant anticipation of your questions she responds with helpful books, useful tools and audio in hand. Follow the path; the dynamic change you desire will occur and change will happen.

Now this Warrior is empowered, has visions, can heal and perceive so much. Life is rich. Nurturing is good. 
Thanks- Namaste Carly    CEO Executive- T. Warrior  Santa Monica, CA.

***To Whom it May Concern,
I have been working with Carly for a little over a year and thanks to her I now realize how beautiful life truly is. She has made herself available to me all day, every day and has never once told me that she couldn't talk or was too busy. She has a perspective on life, that very few possess.  I have very quickly seen my life change thanks to her in a very short time.  My businesses, life, family and mental state has been on a nonstop increase since we first met.  I was extremely skeptical when she told me what she did for a living, never having been a spiritual person.  But after a short time of speaking with her I knew my life would never be the same, and I know I could never go back to being the stressed out, over worked person I used to be. I  now see life differently, embrace the high times and release the low times. The process getting to my current state was definitely a bumpy one, but she held my hand across every bridge, and pushed me up every mountain, she even caught me a few times when i was about to fall.  There's no thank you strong enough I could give her, other than this letter. I felt obligated to tell the public how dramatically she has changed my life.  I make a tremendous amount of difficult decisions per day, I used to think about work all day every day. I never smiled, never laughed, and never just took a deep breath.  Carly has changed me, I now am living, as before i was just dying a slow death without ever having really lived.

So from my family, friends and myself-Thank you, for letting air in my lungs, happiness in my life and love into my heart.
Forever Grateful Grant,  International Business Executive  California/New York 

You are amazing! I consider last night a success thanks to you. 
I know I have A LOT to learn, and that it would have gone even 
better if we had you more involved earlier, but THANK YOU.

Thanks for your love, friendship, support and wisdom.
Much love and Blessings,  Pat Finn

***HUB Event 
Hi Most Wonderful Carly,
You are a Goddess. Thank you so much for all of 
that you do and all that you are. You were amazing 
this weekend and the event would have been no where 
near as organized wihout you jumping in and getting it done. 
Thanks for all of your support, not only with the coordination of 
the event, but also with your amazing supportive energy that 
kept everyone up despite the chaos that we created.

Thanks again for all of your amazing help and support. 
You truly are an ANGEL and we appreciate your efforts more 
than you know.  All of my best, Brandon

***Logistics and Program Coordinator for Pam Tan's "The Blueprint" Pre-Launch Party. We celebrated the night with a great company of friends: Chris Howard (The Richard Branson of Personal Development), Charlie Gay (Executive Director of The Sole of Africa), Jairek Robbins (The Anthony Robbins Companies), AJ Monte (Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Speaker), Mark Amin (Producer of “The Peaceful Warrior”), and a myriad of names from both the Personal Growth, Finance and Entertainment industries.

I am confident that Carly Thorne’s logistic strategies and Transformations Life thinking can help your event run smoothly and be a smashing success, no matter what type of challenge you face. As the main Logistic Coordinator for “The Blueprint Pre-Launch Party,” the strength of Carly Thorne lies in her attention to detail and passion to make things happen--no matter what.
Pam Tan- Producer

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