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LET ME PRE-FRAME THIS WITH... My logo may be a butterfly and Yes... Me and my team are PASSIONATE about Transformations... However, we do NOT work or live from the methodology that just meditate, pray, chant, "OM', and everything with Magically arrive, fall in your lap... Anything worthwhile achieving in this world requires first and foremost Skills, and then massive passion and actual ACTION for something to be created.

NOW... I am not saying I don't believe in meditating, praying, chanting, and or "Om"ing... I actually do some of these things on a daily basis... However I am a firm believer that we are  "Spiritual Beings having the HUMAN experience" thus remaining aware, grounded and present and doing what needs to be done is where my Team creates from.

So that being said we are for You if you are into Conscious Business Collaborations... Let's Do it

What We Do:
Multi-Sensory Interactive Transformations for Your Mind, Body, Business and Spirit…
When You are in touch with the senses all aspects of Your Life  and business are enhanced exponentially.
We Consult, Mentor, using a unique blend of skills and tools bridging Eastern and Western Philosophies, Methodologies and techniques.
We Take You on a Journey from Cocoon to Flight™ Thru Learning, Playing and Growing™ Thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.™
In Essence helping You and or Your business Reclaim the Vision, Outcome you had envisioned and lost along the way… Going back to the Cocoon of Self and returning to the place of Love, Trust, and all knowing of Self and Source if you will, and then Reclaiming Your Innate Given Talents, Purpose, Path, Passions… and creating your Unique blueprint to Abundance in all areas of your Life.   Monetary Abundance, as well as Abundant in Mind, Body, and Spirit as well.
It takes Your Willingness to want to Soar, and come out of the Cocoon, Change, Transmute if you will and We Learn Best thru Playing - all of our Consulting and programs are interactive and multi-sensory and then in life we get to Choose whether to Grow or Not… And... This all happens via Creative Conscious Co-Creation, because in the end, It takes lots of Creativity and You Choosing to Want to Co-Create with US, as this Journey is about YOU…  We are part of  your Team, Collaborators in your Journey if you will.
Services: Consulting, Coaching, Courses

***Consulting, Coaching and Educating Businesses, Families and Individuals on all Levels of Life. – Mind, Body, Business And Spirit as if One is out of Sync it affects the whole. We deal with the WHOLE Business, Person, Family…  We get into Your Home Life, Work Life, and Personal Self-Development Life…


***Compassionate Passionate Communications:
Conscious Parenting, Conscious Partnerships, The Art of Communication - What are You Saying ?,  The Art of Listening - What are You Hearing ?, The Art of Touch - What are You Feeling, The Art of Vision - What are You Seeing,  Authentic Negotiations, Win - Win - Win

***Consulting and Producing in the Entertainment Industry on Bridging and Reaching all Audiences- Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Audio Digital,  in Film, TV, Music, and Video thru the Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media Journey.
***Consulting in Platforms and Presentations
Take your speaking and event to the next level-Platforms and Presentations Course, Teaching you how to create and speak from a Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media space and platform.

***Creative Brainstorming for Marketing, Promoting and Branding.
Learn about Authentic Social Media and more...

***Conscious Parenting
***Accountability coaching

***Overall Wellness, Fitness, Health coaching
Click here to READ "If I can do it, So Can You"

-2 Day Filmed Kitchen Make-Over

We get into YOUR whole Live: Family, Work, Personal -layout outcomes for all of those areas pertaining to Your Mind, Body, Business and Spirit.

Our Vast Diverse Toolbox Includes:
-Psychology, Philosophy, Theologies
(we Respect all Theologies and Use what resonates with YOU…)
-System Implementations, Blueprinting
-Organization and Time Management
-Conscious Hiring and Policies
-Effective Communications and Negotiations- Creating Win-Wins
-Internet and Networking
-Platforms and Presentations
Audio, Audio Digital, Kinesthetic, Visual
-NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Repatterning
-Energy Modalities
-Feng Shui
-Resources and Education

Learn, Play, Grow, Discover, Outcomes:

*Learn Instantly how to shift Your state of mind anytime, anywhere.
*Increase Your abundance factor in all areas of Your Life.
*Understand the basics of Energy and Vibration and how it applies in Your everyday life.
*Learn Conscious Business Collaborations tools.
*The Art of Teamwork, Collaboration, Sharing, Referrals.
*Become a better speaker, and a more engaging conversationalist.
*Learn ways to make friends quickly and easily.
*Increase your  Fascination factor, and marketability.
*Ways to Keep self and team positive and always moving forward.
*Hone Your Leadership skills and create leaders.
*Learn how to handle complaints, avoid arguments.
*Learn effective time management and organization management.
*Learn the skills of Compassionate Passionate Communications for
All Relationships and Negotiations.
*Discover and Transform Your Old outdated belief patterns.
*Create new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions.
*Learn about the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
*Tools for Creating Peace, Love and Gratitude within and without.
*Discover and hone your Artistry in Motion - Your Passion.
*The Journey of the Multi-Sensory- Awaken your senses.
*Make the principles of psychology easy for you to apply in your daily life.
*Improve Your overall Health, Wellness and Fitness.
*The Art of Touch, What are You Feeling ?
*The Art of Vision, What are You Seeing ?
*The Art of Listening, What are You Hearing ?
*The Art of Communication, What are You Saying ?

*There is a detailed intake of 38 Questions that will take you on a Multi-Sensory Journey of Mind, Body, Business, Spirit of self to bring out the key areas you are passionate about and those areas that need Transformation. 

*Depending on YOUR needs and program You might also have an Accountability Partner as well as your Coach and be in a small group with no more than 4 people so that is NOT overly time consuming.  

*Daily tasks every night Monday-Sunday no more than 15 minutes of YOUR time, you would email Your coach, and Coaching Partner and or Group  based on your program- what You will be focusing, your targeted outcomes for the Next day.

*Weekly 1 hr. or More depending on Your needs, timelines and or goals, One on One Call or in person meeting with Your Coach.

*Weekly Group Check in with Everyone to find out what is working and what is NOT and Collaborating, Sharing to help Everyone have the most effective use of their Program, Time and the maximum outcome.

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  1. An interesting and inspiring site! Loaded with insight into how to better prepare ones journey


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