WHO IS Carly Alyssa Thorne

I believe in Helping my Friends, Clients and the World go from Cocoon to Flight™ Through Learning, Playing and Growing™ Through Creative Conscious Co-Creation™ ...

My daily Motivation for getting up each and every day with a smile is my passion for inspiring and empowering others to Live a full out, open, aware, fun, compassionate, passionate, giving, loving, healthy, abundant life.

Daily Mantras and or Mottos are:

***Give 100% at all times, there is no Try, only Action.
***Give - Give - Give
***Smile, Laugh, Love
***Authenticity above all else
***Today is a New Day, and I am Ready.
***Let's Do it, Delegate it or Delete it.
***Learn, Play, and Grow each and every day.
***Be open to all feedback, as it always is the Choice to Learn and Grow or not, and it is Up us, how we respond and or react to any given feedback and or situation.
***Take 100% responsibility for our Life, as we are the Actors, Writers, Producers, and Directors of our own life.
***No matter what, Thank, Forgive, Let Go, Move on Fearlessly.
***Communicate openly with Compassionate Passionate Communications.
***Honor our values, and core beliefs no matter what and do what is right
in the moment and what might be needed for any given situation.
***Remove all but's from our life and instead replace them with And's.
***Never assume, until you have walked in that person's body. ASK ?
***Listen, Observe, Feel.
***Engage with Mother Nature he/she is an amazing teacher.
***Move, Eat, and Treat our bodies like it is our last ones.
***We can be Spiritual and Abundant
***Eastern and Western Philosophies all are beautiful depending on what we do with them.
***Eastern and Western Medicine both serve and have a purpose.
***Life is all about Transformations -Change, Embrace it.

When We were born, we came out of a Cocoon and then as we grow, evolve thru each and every situation within that moment we then get to Choose whether to Fly or NOT .

And... in my opinion, We learn best through Playing and ultimately then get to CHOOSE To GROW or Not...

All of this Happens Via Creative Conscious Co-Creation™ because in the end, Life is all about Co-Creating as we are all ONE-interconnected and Team Work is what makes the Dreams Work...

Born in 1964, I have spent the last 25 years sculpting, integrating, refining and continually educating myself in the areas of  Multi-Sensory, Psychology, Theology, Philosophy, Business, Multi-Media, Entertainment Industry, Nutrition, Exercise, Fitness, Health, Organization Management, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Archetypes, Feng Shui, Eastern-Western Healing and Medicine, and more to have a comprehensive overview for the way I wanted to work with people.  Full breakdown of skills, Certifications and experience below.

I have created my own system and Blue Print of working with Individuals, Businesses and Productions from having massively studied and having taking courses with various teachers such as: T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Howard, Stephen Thayer,  Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Ted Morter Jr., Dr. Ted Morter Sr., Doreen Virtue, Carolyn Myss, Gregg Braden, and Many More, and have the Credentials accordingly. As well as, Various State Certifications in the Medical-Wellness field.

Carly Alyssa Thorne - "The Transformationlist Muse"

All About Complete Transformations of Mind, Body, Business and Spirit. Educator, Speaker, Wellness and Fitness Expert, Producer, Director, Consultant and Overall Muse...

I live Life from a Paying it Forward mentality each and everyday.  My core beliefs are that Life is all about Sharing, Collaboration and Teamwork. I am passionate about Creating, Producing, Directing Multi-Sensory Awakening, Grounded Multi-Media and content and consulting and guiding people thru the journey of Multi Sensory to achieve massive outcomes in life and in business.

I started out in the Wellness, Coaching field in 1986 Consulting Businesses, Families, the Entertainment Industry and Individuals on the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection.

My Chief Aims are to Bridge the East and the West using various Methodologies: Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media, Psychology, Philosophy, Theologies, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Feng Shui, Energetics, Structure and Implementation, Conscious Hiring and Policies, Effective Authentic Win-Win Compassionate Passionate Communications, Organization Management, and Team Leadership Building and Co-Creation and  Eastern and Western Wellness, Health and Fitness.

A Process that includes taking Clients from Cocoon to Flight™ Thru Learning, Playing, and Growing™  thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.™ 

I Opened my 1st Conscious Business in 1988 called Learning, Playing and Growing Inc.- Empowering individuality, thru Arts, Education, Play and Organic Healthy Nutrition and lifestyle. This is where my Passion and Curiosity grew about the the Mind, Body, Spirit Connections working with Children, Hospice and the disabled population of all types and ages.

The Spirit of the disabled Empowered me to also look within and Transform my own inner conflicts from having grown up with Severe Abuse and undergoing 26 surgeries to date as of 2012.  The constant doctors, hospitals, surgeries and medications - I wanted to know everything that was happening to me and or being given or done to me, so I got massively curious about Alternative health and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection. More in depth story at the below link.

My last Wellness Center was back East in 2002-Celestial Wellness and Fitness Studio-A Boutique Business I created after having lost my Consulting job on Medical Cases for a Fitness Firm I worked for at World Trade Center -Tower #2 Having missed the Planes by One Hour, I Got Clear on a few things... Life is Precious and I want to Reach out to as Many People as I Possibly Can thru Consulting and Media.

Have Signed Numerous NDA's from working with Top Speakers, Leaders, CEO's,Various Productions and Fortune 500 Companies. Now in the process of writing several books,  one of which is my Autobiography "SOS to CAT from Cocoon to Flight" and "The Multi-Sensory Journey" and now truly focused on Launching Transformations Life Center-  Hub Central for the Various Transformational Businesses. 

Having Grow up overseas since the age of 5 in Mexico, Venenzuela, and Brazil,  and Traveling extensively and having been under the Public eye and Scrutiny constantly due to family business, I understand and value others Privacy and thus until now I have remained a Private Consultant, The Transformationlist Behind the Curtain...  Now, I am ready to be in front of the curtain to Create Massive Global Transformations thru Consulting and Multi-Sensory, Multi- Media Platforms.

Involved in many productions as: Actress, Consultant, Associate Producer, Producer and Director of: Reality Shows, videos, shorts, documentaries and more.  Interviewed many top speakers in self-development: Bob Burg, Larry Winget, Dondi Scumaci, etc., as well actors and musicians:  Jahna Perricone, Shawn Gallaway, "Vito" David Vito Gregoli, Shaun Canon, and many more.

Along with with production skills, I have extensive experience with color therapy, NLP, Hypno, Platforms and Presentations. Have handled events as large as 4000 people, Larger Budget Productions, Indies, and low-budgets features, as well as in the past handling everything from the Green Room to Make-up to Wardrobe.

I have been singing and acting and modeling since 6th grade, been on stage, in front, or behind the camera ever since.

Zed card from more active Acting days.

I have been told by many, that I am:
***A cross between an amazing Old Soul Mind*** 
***An Angel Caretaker Heart***
***An old fashioned housewife with Zen*** 
***A Spirit with Spit and fire, minus the Scorpion Sting...
***Add a heaping dose of LOVE...
***A bit bull when I need to be, to get things done... 
***A Butterfly that is always Transforming... and ever evolving...

And... You will ultimately decide what resonates with You about me...

Here are some of my Credentials:
Always in the State of Learning, Playing and Growing™ as I Choose to Empower, Inspire, Teach, Mentor and Transform Self and Millions of others in the process...

*Drexel University- Psychology, n Philosophy
*Certified Results Life Coach
*Certified Performance Business Consultant
*Certified NLP Practitioner and Instructor
*Certified Platform and Presenter and Consultant
*Certified Hypnotherapist
*Interfaith Ordained Minister
*White Light Reiki Master Instructor
*Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
*Certified B.E.S.T Practitioner- Morter Health System
*Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor
*Nutrition and Wellness 

SKILLS and Actual Business EXPERIENCE: 
I have massively studied and applied and spent the last 25 years sculpting and integrating all of these skills into any Production - Project I am Consulting on, Creating, Producing, Directing and or Mentoring on.

***Consultant and Management
***Production Event Coordinator and Manager
***HR: Hiring, Firing, and Recruting for Conscious Corporate.
***Event Producer, Coordinator, Logistics.
***Producer and Director of Heart Centered Humanitarian Global events.
***Platform and Presentations Consultant

***Eastern and Western Ways Mentor
***Interfaith Ordained Schooled Minister
***Energy Healing and Intuit
***White Light Reiki Master and Instructor
***Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
***B.E.S.T.-Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique Practitioner
***Personal Training: Pilates, Weights, Cross Training
***Reconstructive Body Alignment
***Hospice Counselor
***Certified Results Life Coach and Erickson's Hypnotherapy
***Certified NLP Practitioner and Instructor

MEDICAL WORK: Western World of Medicine
*** Certified Nurses Aide
*** Certified Home Health Aide
*** Certified EMT-D
*** Certified First Responder
***Ambulance Squad Chief
***Private duty in ICU, CCU, and ER.

PLAYING: Been in front or behind the camera since 6th grade.
***Acting, Singing, Dancing, and Modeling
***Writing and Editing
***Producing and Directing on both sides of the camera.

***Widowed since 98' and Single again and Loving life as
Love is a Journey and to be with oneself is also a beautiful Journey.
***I Love to Cook, Clean, and take care of my Loved ones...
***I am a pamperer, Hm...
***I think I was a GEISHA in a previous Life...

FOR A DEEPER more Personal VIEW on the Why I am So Passionate about life and get things done with a Laser focus, down to the detail precision and more... CLICK on the Link The Story of SOS to CAT
The Journey from SOS to CAT has made me a strong, empowered, passionate, loving, giving warrior spirit... I give 100% on any project and never give up.

Much Aloha and...Namaste...
Blessings for Today and Everyday for Lots of Love, Hugs, Health, Abundance, Joy, Laughter, Smiles, Dance, Tasty Healthy Food, Good Loyal Friends, Playtime, Relaxation, Oneness, Growth Of Mind-Body-Spirit, Curiosity, Expansiveness, Creativity, Productivity and Soooo Much More...  

Thank You all for being a part of this World's Co-Creation.

Enjoy the Journey...  : )))

Contact us at: tlccoaching@gmail.com   

or call 406-646-6477 

to Get Started Today...


  1. Inspiring .... real depth (gravity)
    Best Wishes & God’s speed for your endeavor

    Niranjan Joshi
    Sultanate of Oman ... a land of hope

    e-mail: niranjanjoshi79@rediffmail.com

    1. Thank YOU... and Blessings to YOU as well....


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