Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So it's the NEW YEAR... And... Your Resolutions Are ?

So here a Few questions I have seen Floating around and being Asked about New Year's Resolutions ?

***"What do  you regret not having achieved last year ?"
My response: I don't regret anything Everything I achieved was AWESOME and... Anything I didn't served it's purpose...  I learned and grew.

***"Have You  Set Your New Year's Resolution's Yet."
Personally, I feel the whole Hooray about Resolutions is a complete set up for Failure... Unless... a lot of things are in place to support them.

Things to think about:

-What is your intended Ripple Effect ? -What are Your intentions for the particular Resolutions ?
-Do You have a support system in place for the Resolutions ?
-Do You have a TEAM in place for the Resolutions ?
-What are the Outcomes you are looking to Achieve ?
-How Committed are You to these outcomes ?
-Does Your Environment Support Your outcomes ?
-Does What You Think on a Daily Basis Support Your outcomes ?

As I am sure You have heard many times - the saying:
What we think about most of the time we become... we create...

Another question I would LOVE to ask -
What sounds better to You ?
-Resolutions or Intentions ?
-Goals or Outcomes ?

Personally, I feel both Intentions and Outcomes sound and feel much more personal and Mindful than Resolutions and Goals. 

And... I Love Outcomes as when we become Soooo Focused on a Goal we can get TUNNEL VISION and miss out on all of the opportunities that are all around us to achieve that Outcome.  Like a Dog with a Bone, we become so fixated we won't let go of a certain way and can truly miss out on some amazing things.

*Being Open - Minded and Embracing the Both And Mentality...  Realizing we all have our own unique perspectives... Yet being willing to see all points of View, sometimes within another's point of view some Gems can be found.

*Taping into Your Senses... Really Listening, Feeling, Seeing, Communicating from our Inner Most Authentic Self.

I would like to Close with, be sure to Create the mentality of
Let's Do it, versus Do it....
Let's is Teamwork, Sharing, Collaboration
Do it... Is a Really hard way to do it...

Remember Every Action we Take Creates a Ripple...

Wishing Everyone an Amazing, Awesome 2013

Another Midnight Production
Enjoy the Journey
©Carly Alyssa Thorne


  1. Another great post Carly and I couldn't agree more - so many people make these bold resolutions and then feel dreadful when it all falls in a heap. I always have a spike of jobseekers approach me at this time of year - they've had a holiday, spent quality time with their family and friends, and make resolutions like 'I will have a new job by February and earn X more $' - they'd be much better off resolving to work on one aspect of the job search a month and review their progress along the way - rewarding themselves for each step toward the ultimate goal of a new job.

  2. You are right Carly. This time of the year is not about setting big goals that will be doomed to fail, but more customized to us. And of course we just have to stay focused and achieve them!

  3. I LOVE how you put words to pictures. You make sure great points so meaningful!
    Warmly, Mary

  4. Great post, Carly! I like to focus on intentions, they bring me closer to being my best, or what I think is "my best" at the moment. Getting lost in visualizing and predicting outcomes is like a gamble, sometimes I get there, sometimes I don't... When I don't dwell on future outcomes, then, when they come, they are like opening a present, and I prefer that state.


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