Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life Obligation or Opportunity ?

I had Just Thanked someone for sharing a Post of of mine and this is what he wrote back: "You are among the few who I follow, as you represent that "know, like, trust factor. Wherever I see your brand, I'm going to read—wanted to click because I know, like, and trust your brand. So you are always welcome, Carly!!!!"

So this was my Reply:
"Thank You Sooo Much, I Live to Empower, Inspire, Educate others... It is my Life, My Passion, My Love, my Work which to me is Playtime... What more JOY can I have in my life than where I help others, Laugh, Smile, Grow etc... have an amazing Sunday..."

So My Question to You is:  Do You See Life and or things that happen to You or that You have to do in your Life as Obligation or Opportunity ?

Everything that happens to You or that You have to do in this LIFE in my personal Opinion is an Opportunity...  

An Extreme Example: I grew up with Abuse of all Kinds which has affected my body Massively Physically which created many REAL Medical Issues = 27 Surgeries, Emotionally I had to Learn to navigate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Spiritually spent Years Questioning "WHY". 

CHOICES: Hate, Anger, Abuse,Victimhood  etc...
Yes, when I was Younger I did go thru my Years of hate and anger, however
I never hurt someone Physically.  We are all human so I would never say I have never hurt someone Emotionally and Or Spiritually, we all have at some point in our life's.

To spend my Life Inspiring, Empowering, Educating others, on Everything I studied, Learned etc...
I Love to help others Discover: 
*Western and Eastern Health as YES they both have a purpose at certain phases of Growth, Illness etc...
*The Mind Body Spirit Interconnectedness
*How to bring Consciousness into Business- Hence the terminology
Conscious Business Collaboration.
*How to tap into their Multi-Sensory- a powerful tool for Expanding our
Awareness of all of the OPPORTUNITIES that is all around us each and every day...
*Effective communication- hence Compassionate Passionate Communications
And Many others things...


All of Life is CHOICES.... And WE have the OPPORTUNITY to Write, Re-Write Our stories at any given moment.

Another Example of Opportunity: 
My Last Surgery, while in the Hospital I had CHOICES....
To be Mean, Moody, Not honor a Prior Obligation etc...
Yes I was in Massive Pain... However... Instead I Choose Inspiration and found Opportunity to Smile, Laugh, help others in other hospital bed, help Empower others and even gave out Pay it Forward Bracelets to the Staff that were amazing AND...  Honored my obligation to a Prior Radio interview only 10 days after Massive Surgery.

Wrote a Blog Post about it called: "Paying It Forward From Anywhere"

So again I ask You....
 Do You See Life and or things that happen to You or that You have to do in your Life as Obligation or Opportunity ?

Another Midnight Production
2013©Carly Alyssa Thorne
Enjoy the Journey

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