Saturday, December 29, 2012

Does Success = Freedom

So, I Re-Posted this to my Facebook Today and somebody Wrote:
"Except, I would view this more as FREEDOM than success, don't you think?"

So, I replied with:
"I think it is a BOTH And... Success is FREEDOM..."

And then he Replied with...

"Success is freedom? I can see how successes could lead to freedom, but not how it is freedom. Please help me to understand"

My Reply to that was:
When You are Successful in many ways that gives us the Liberty to do more of the things we LOVE - if You plan your Success right... Create a TEAM so you aren't Slaving at something...  When You do what you what, when you want, with whom you want... that is pretty damn Successful... Most Never ATTAIN this in there life's...

And his Last Reply was:
Yes, but I think Tony Robbins is misleading. SUCCESS is an accomplishment. SUCCESS is achievement. Success comes from something we do, but freedom is a state of being. 

What Tony suggests above is an illusion because no degree of success will produce that quality of freedom and any successful people who attempt to live according to that risk losing both their success and their freedom.

So.... The Question I pose to YOU is ?  Do You believe "Doing What You want, when you want, where You want, with whom You want, as much as You want.,"
is Freedom or Success or Both and... ?

Personally my opinion is: If Your Product and or Service is providing massive Value and therefore is generating massive abundance and... You put together an Awesome Team and You are a Good Leader that Collaborates with Your Team... That would be a definition of Success and... That would give You the Freedom to: Do what You want, when You want, where You want, with whom You want, as much as You want - therefore Success = Freedom and I would also say Freedom = Success.  Bottom line Freedom = Success and or Success = Freedom Both AND...  is all a part of personal Perspective and Language - Semantics... 

And... I have found those that actually do- "do what they want, when they want, where they want, with whom they want, as much as they want" create their own freedom and success.  

Freedom and Or Success are both a STATE of Being just depends oh what You define "State of Being". 

The other side of that would be in doing "what You want, when You want, where You want, with whom You want, as much as You want" if You don't have a team in place, and or an organization and or Life that is time oriented and or structured to some degree - You will have NO TIME  and hence NO FREEDOM... 

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Enjoy the Journey
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  1. I agree completely. If what you are not doing is giving you a sense of freedom then you are not successful. Anyone can be successful but it takes time, patience and planning.

    1. Thanks for sharing Miriam.. It does take time, patience and planning...

  2. Depends on your priorities I guess. To many people success is all about achieving a high level, or the highest level of one particular discipline/career/company etc. I would say that to do that you'd have to sacrifice most if not all true freedom.

    You can't just decide on the spur of the moment to wander off to Cambodia for a month if you are the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. Which is exactly why, despite popular opinion I wouldn't personally call that success. I'd never want that position, exactly because to me that isn't success, that is captivity.

    So yeah, depends, to someone like me success does = freedom as that's the main thing I want in life. To others true freedom and "success" are as mutually exclusive as Justin Bieber and good taste.

    1. Thanks for sharing Ben... And I agree it depends on one's view and or perspective as to what defines Freedom and or Success to them

  3. Feeling Freedom is the most important thing in the world. I wish we all see and realize how huge this feeling is. Being Free = everything you want to accomplish in this world including success.

    1. Thanks for sharing Simona... Yes FREEDOM is an AWESOME Feeling...

  4. In a way, I believe that Success and Freedom is defined by each individual person by what they want out of life. At the same time, I believe we all want the same thing out of life, it's just most never achieve it because they go about it the wrong way. There is a lot of misconception out there and I for one believe in a little hard work to get where you want. Only when you've put in the sweat and tears, can you then sit back and relax a bit more.

    1. Agreed Roger... Everyone has their OWN view of what Success and or Freedom means to them... Thanks for sharing....

  5. I absolutely agree, very properly called

  6. I believe it is freedom. Everything starts from freedom anyway!

  7. Carly, I believe success affords me freedom. Xx

  8. Hi Carly, Interesting article. Personally, I believe success gives you freedom. It is only after achieving success I realize what I want, where I want to be, and with whom I want to share my time with. Xx

  9. Personally, I equate Success to Freedom as states of Being. I feel Successful, when I am fully present at what I do, expressing myself in a best possible way, it simultaneously gives me a sense of Freedom.


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